TIG and arc welding

TIC (Tungsten Inert Gas) and ARC (Arc Welding) are essential welding techniques with broad applications. They are pivotal for various industries requiring precise and efficient welding. VG&Partners specializes in linking employers in the TIC and ARC welding sector with a skilled workforce, facilitating a streamlined recruitment process for optimal staffing solutions.

what we offer:

Global Talent Acquisition: Facilitate the recruitment of talent with diverse cultural backgrounds and international experience, acknowledging the global nature of many Oil & Gas projects.

Project-Specific Requirements: Understand the nuances of project-based staffing requirements, considering the cyclical nature of Oil & Gas projects and the need for flexible workforce solutions.

Compliance Management: Navigate and adhere to industry-specific regulations, safety standards, and certifications essential for roles within the Oil & Gas sector, ensuring that candidates meet the necessary compliance requirements.

Safety Protocols: Emphasize safety protocols and compliance with environmental regulations, considering the critical importance of health and safety practices in Oil & Gas operations.

EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety): Prioritize the recruitment of candidates who prioritize and adhere to stringent environmental, health, and safety standards, crucial in the Oil & Gas sector.

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