We are the best in the staffing and outsourcing industry. Our extensive experience of two decades arms us with an in-depth understanding of the challenges associated with recruiting foreign workers.

Our approach to hiring foreign workers in Canada, Europe & GCC is distinguished by its transparency, user-friendliness, efficiency, and seamless communication.

It is crucial for you to recognize opportunities to stay ahead of the game, respond swiftly, and optimize operations to maximize profitability. This is where we come into play. As intermediaries specializing in connecting employers with skilled labor forces in foreign markets, we understand the urgency of hiring needs and the importance of making strategic business decisions.

  • Gathering of LMIA-related documentation: 30 days
  • Processing of your LMIA application: Approximately 60 days
  • Receipt of Work permit: 60 to 90 days
  • Our employees are sourced globally, through a variety of channels, including:

    Online Job Boards, Social Media, Professional Networking Sites, Networking through Industry Events & Conferences, Referrals, Database searches, Direct Outreach, etc. We have unique strategies to ensure we source the talent workforce you need to reach the pinnacle of success.

V&G Partners understands the importance of cost-effectiveness in today’s competitive business environment. We are committed to delivering top-tier skilled workers at a fraction of the cost. The below helps us become your cost-effective staffing partner:

    • Cutting-edge recruitment technologies and industry insights
    • Optimized processes
    • Reduced time and minimal delays
    • Global network (tap into diverse skill sets without compromising quality)
    • Competitive pricing structure
    • Customized solutions that meet your skill demands and financial objectives.

Clearly outline employment terms in a written contract, covering responsibilities, compensation, and benefits. Provide fair and competitive compensation, adhering to legal standards. Ensure a safe working environment, including safety equipment and training. Foster equal opportunities, professional growth, and work-life balance. Communicate transparently, offer feedback, comply with laws, and promote a culture of respect and recognition.

Provide specific feedback to VG & Partners, citing reasons for the mismatch. We will refer to any contractual agreements for potential replacements. Ensure to communicate promptly so we can address your concerns and explore a way forward. Work collaboratively to refine expectations and align future submissions with your needs. Maintain professionalism and engage in continuous improvement discussions for successful future placements.

We facilitate seamless port landing services, ensuring a smooth transition for employees arriving at designated ports. Detailed information and assistance are provided. We assist in obtaining a Social Insurance Number (SIN), a crucial identification number in Canada. Our team supports the application process and ensures compliance with Canadian government requirements. We help set up a bank account. Our guidance includes information on required documentation, and we collaborate with reputable banks to simplify the account setup procedure.

Compliance Assurance: We prioritize strict compliance with regulations, guaranteeing that our employees’ port landing, SIN acquisition, and banking processes adhere to legal requirements and industry standards in the country.

Yes, we provide employees with accommodation assistance. Tailored support is provided, based on individual preferences and needs. We share information on neighborhoods, amenities, and commuting options. We assist with the rental process, including documentation and legal considerations. Ongoing assistance is ensured to address concerns and ensure employee comfort.

From sifting through CVs to conducting interviews, our team provides unwavering support throughout. Our HR specialists verify that potential candidates boast the necessary educational credentials, skill sets, and work experience. We coordinate interview schedules and act as a liaison between candidates and you. We customize the process to align with the preferences and availability of both parties. Feel free to contact our team to discuss your specific hiring needs and preferences.

No, our legal services are available for both existing and potential candidates. Whether you have identified candidates or are in the initial stages of recruitment, we offer legal support. Our legal services encompass various aspects, including immigration, contracts, and compliance. Feel free to reach out to discuss your specific needs, and we’ll tailor our legal services accordingly. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire employment process.