Mechanical helpers provide valuable support in assisting with mechanical tasks and projects. VG&Partners specializes in connecting employers in need of skilled mechanical helpers with a proficient workforce. Our tailored recruitment process ensures a seamless hiring experience, addressing the specific needs of employers in the mechanical sector.

what we offer:

Global Talent Acquisition: Facilitate the recruitment of talent with diverse cultural backgrounds and international experience, acknowledging the global nature of many Oil & Gas projects.

Project-Specific Requirements: Understand the nuances of project-based staffing requirements, considering the cyclical nature of Oil & Gas projects and the need for flexible workforce solutions.

Compliance Management: Navigate and adhere to industry-specific regulations, safety standards, and certifications essential for roles within the Oil & Gas sector, ensuring that candidates meet the necessary compliance requirements.

Safety Protocols: Emphasize safety protocols and compliance with environmental regulations, considering the critical importance of health and safety practices in Oil & Gas operations.

EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety): Prioritize the recruitment of candidates who prioritize and adhere to stringent environmental, health, and safety standards, crucial in the Oil & Gas sector.

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