Efficiently address your forklift driver needs with VG & Partners. We streamline the hiring process, connecting employers with skilled forklift drivers for smooth warehouse operations. Rely on us for hassle-free recruitment.


Talent Acquisition: Identify, attract, and recruit skilled professionals for various roles within the logistics industry, including supply chain management, transportation, warehouse operations, and logistics coordination.

Candidate Evaluation: Conduct comprehensive assessments of candidates, evaluating their logistics skills, knowledge of supply chain processes, and suitability for specific roles within the industry.

Process Optimization: Implement streamlined recruitment processes to enhance efficiency in candidate sourcing, screening, and placement for logistics-related positions.

Skills Matching: Facilitate the alignment of candidates’ skills with the specific needs of logistics companies, ensuring a seamless fit into their operational requirements.

Continuous Improvement: Proactively seek opportunities for continuous improvement in recruitment strategies, industry knowledge, and client satisfaction to deliver exceptional recruitment services in the logistics sector.

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