In the dynamic landscape of the agriculture sector, the role of animal farming is pivotal. This involves the meticulous management and breeding of domestic livestock, providing a crucial source of meat, milk, eggs, leather, and more. Recognizing the substantial skills gap in this sector, we understand your active search for foreign skilled workers to address shortages. VG & Partners stands ready to efficiently facilitate the application process for both employers and skilled applicants, ensuring a seamless integration into the thriving agriculture industry.


Talen Acquisition: Identify and attract skilled professionals for various roles within the agriculture industry, including animal farming, crop cultivation, and farm management.

Candidate Assessment: Conduct thorough assessments of candidates, evaluating their skills, experience, and suitability for specific agricultural roles.

Compliance: Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards in the recruitment and placement of candidates.

Streamlining: Implement efficient recruitment processes to streamline hiring and onboarding procedures for employers and candidates.

Continuous Improvement: Continuously seek opportunities for improvement in recruitment strategies, candidate sourcing, and client satisfaction to enhance overall service delivery.

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